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      Azure Migrations

      Careful planning in the early stages of your Microsoft Azure migration will help ensure that your team has a firm grasp of everything from compliance to security during your project.

      Affordable, Expert Assistance for Microsoft Azure Migrations

      Shifting from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud is a big decision and one that companies do not make lightly. As one of the top cloud computing solutions, Microsoft Azure is the choice of many mid-size to large organizations that are already invested in other Microsoft platforms and Windows technology. While relatively straightforward in terms of configuration, there are still hundreds of decisions that must be made correctly during the setup of your Azure cloud instance or you may discover security flaws or business limitations further down the road from your Microsoft Azure migration activities. Fortunately, you can obtain affordable migration assistance from the professionals at K² Technologies for local small businesses to national enterprises. Our teams help ensure that each decision made throughout your Azure migration journey will support your business goals and objectives both now and in the future.

      Setting up Microsoft Azure migrations from on-premise solutions or another cloud platform requires a thorough understanding of both infrastructure models, and how to translate your current business processes into the new Azure model. Working with the K² Technologies team helps to mitigate the risk of downtime, quickly mapping strategies and planning any necessary remediation during the migration process. Our highly-detailed migration methodology includes step-by-step activities that help ensure the right solutions are in place to support your organization. Our team also helps define actionable timelines and full documentation of the process and ongoing operations, so your internal technology team feels empowered to move forward confidently with their new solutions.

      Affordable, Expert Assistance for Microsoft Azure Migrations

      • Increased availability
      • More effective backup storage
      • Enhanced business continuity solutions
      • Reduced costs
      Quality Assurance
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