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      Ongoing Microsoft Azure support is a vital component of your IT infrastructure, ensuring that you have access to updated functionality to maintain secure and efficient business operations.

      Even with a current uptime of 99.995%, Microsoft Azure developers are not resting on their laurels — they continue to push for greater reliability and better service. Microsoft’s engineers are deploying hot patching, live migrations and additional redundancies in an effort to reduce network downtime, a move that is celebrated by companies utilizing Microsoft Azure support. At each stage of its evolution, Microsoft Azure continues to be proven as a highly evolved option for companies that need cloud solutions.

      Why Fortune 500 Companies Choose Microsoft Azure
      With more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies trusting their infrastructure and storage to Microsoft Azure, it’s no surprise that this solution is a top contender in cloud platforms. Microsoft continues to extend the platform by deepening its relationships with Red Hat, Oracle and VMWare, providing additional functionality that companies will appreciate as they shift to this well-known cloud computing platform. Using a Microsoft platform also provides companies with improved ease of integrations with existing platforms, such as their Windows servers, Microsoft Office 365 and data storage applications. This helps reduce any IT downtime that might otherwise be associated with upgrades that don’t quite work as planned or migrations.

      Microsoft’s robust data centers and high-availability environments make Azure extremely appealing to enterprises, particularly with the renewed focus on compliance strategies throughout the Microsoft solution sets. Larger organizations appreciate that attention is being dedicated to lessening the compliance burdens that are increasingly troublesome for companies of all sizes. Microsoft is also offering an ‘Open Data Initiative‘ that enhances the ability of organizations using Adobe and SAP products to gain quicker access to data and advanced tools without extensive customizations.

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      While some IT consultants focus more on migrations and implementation of new platforms, the professionals at K² Technologies are able to support the entire lifecycle of the product with ease. Our team will continually review updates to the Azure platform and related solutions to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and functionality provided by this advanced cloud platform. Microsoft and other partners regularly release new features but it can be challenging for an internal IT team to stay on top of all the updates and take advantage of new ways of doing business. When you partner with Power Office 365, our team not only supports your Azure instance but we can also help determine which technical and business advances can benefit your business — and even help define processes for taking full advantage of these new features.

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